Data examples

While the first step to test a new approach commonly is based on synthetic data, the final goal is inversion of field data. To make tests as realistic as possible, we maintain a collection of field data together with reference models inferred from these data. In the library we publish data-set descriptions along with contacts to researcher willing to share their data on request.

Shallow Seismics

    • Road Construction – Discrimination of soil classes
    • Seismic refraction surveys with small source and receiver spacings in combination with a tomographic travel time inversion of first breaks will result into a p-wave field and enables the distinction between different soil classes.
    • Bietigheim
    • A data set recorded at Bietigheim with a 1D subsurface structure (a smooth non-linear increase of seismic velocities with depth).
    • Berkheim
    • This data set was recorded on a hard pitch with black top pavement chosen as an example for a model including a low-velocity-zone.

    Reservoir Scale Seismics

    • CO2 injection site at Ketzin / 3D baseline survey
    • At the CO2 injection site at Ketzin a 3D baseline survey was carried out in 2005. The acquisition was performed on an area of about 14 square kilometres, subdivided into 41 templates. One template was set up by 5 geophone lines and twelve shotpoint lines.