Welcome to TOAST

The time has come to exploit the full richness of broadband, three-component waveforms. The inversion of full seismograms leads to a tremendous improvement in imaging resolution due to the ability to map structures that are smaller than the seismic wavelength. In addition, it provides important constraints on density and attenuation. State-of-the-art software for full waveform tomography is available in scientific environments but is not yet accessible to the practitioner. The Toolbox for Applied Seismic Tomography (TOAST) will open a new window to seismic inversion. Due to advances in available computational resources and recent developments in high performance and parallelized computing, 3D inversion of full seismograms is within reach. By combining tested code collections for waveform modelling and the solution of large inverse problems, complemented by experience in the management of large software projects and by sound expertise in the inversion of elastic waves from the centimeter to the kilometer scale, the cooperation of the TOAST project partners will provide a unique knowledge base for implementing flexible and efficient tools for full waveform tomography and to transfer the knowledge to industrial practice.

The TOAST project pursues the concept of modularization. It will provide modules that interact through standardized interfaces and thereby can be re-combined in application-specific and efficient ways. The Toolbox for Applied Seismic Tomography will prove its worth through application to surveys from commercial practice. Existing data from seismic experiments at different scales (e.g., monitoring of embankments, CO2 sequestration studies) and newly aquired shallow seismic and ultrasonic data will serve as case studies to validate the functionality of the toolbox.





The TOAST project was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research grant 03G0752A within the GEOTECHNOLOGIEN programme.