This data set is provided on request for reasearch purposes only. Please contact  Thomas Forbriger

Recording with linear profile on 1D structure

This data set was recorded at a site with a predominantly 1D subsurface structure. Approximate location of the site:


48.95329°N, 9.11502°E 

Approximately 15 m of loess, loam and gravel is overlying solid dolomite and limestone of the Upper Muschelkalk. Data was recorded with vertical geophones (10 Hz eigenfrequency). Both. a simple hammer blow and an explosive source ("Seismic Impulse Source System", S.I.S.Sy.) were used as a source. A joint inversion of wavefield expansion coefficients (including body waves and Rayleigh waves) and P-wave arrival times was applied to this data set (Forbriger, 2003a and b). Further, the full waveform of the field data was modeled from the final model and the force-time function of the source was derived (Forbriger, 2004). Forbriger (2001) gives a detailed description of the site.


Raw seismogram gather

A hammer blow was used for the recording of this exemplary shot gather.

Velocity model which results from the joint inversion

Recording with array configuration on 3D structure

At a second location near Bietigheim we recorded data in an array configuration. At this location the surface of the basement (Oberer Muschelkalk) has a clear and smooth topography as inferred by inversion of refracted P-wave travel time (Hecht, 2001). The depth of the discontinuity varies from 4m to 8m on a horizontal distance of 60m.

Additional data

Drill logs and Cobra soundings are available for the recording sites and nearby locations (Hecht, 2001).


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