Traveltime tomography at the GFZ - Underground - Laboratory "Reiche Zeche" in Freiberg

Several measurements have been performed for the developement of the SPWD-prototype in the education and research mine "Reiche Zeche" in Freiberg. In terms of predictive exploration of the SPWD-prototype it is necessary to determine the wave velocity of the medium "Freiberger Gneis" of the test site. Therefore, tomographic traveltime inversions of the first breaks of p-waves and s-waves were calculated.

For research pursues only this dataset is available upon request. Please contact Rüdiger Giese.

Acquisition parameters

Test site

The test site with three surrounding galleries (dark green), the „Freiberger Gneis“ (grey),
the geophones (black), the shot points SP (red) and the boreholes B1 and B2 (30 m and 20 m).

Raw data example (receiver gather) of measurement 2

The blue line shows the average p-wave velocity of 5.4 km/s.

Result of the tomographic traveltime inversions

P- and S-waves traveltime tomographies were caculated with the program First Arrival Seismic Tomography (FAST) by C. Zelt.


Richter, H., Hochauflösende seismische Tomographie zur Charakterisierung eines Gebirgsblocks im Lehr- und Forschungsbergwerk „Reiche Zeche“ - Freiberg unter Verwendung von Strecken- und Bohrlochmessdaten, Diploma thesis, Universität Potsdam, 2010.