Road Construction – Discrimination of soil classes

During the construction of trenches along roads in unconsolidated sediments and hard rock it is necessary to distinguish between soil class 6 (easy to fracture, use of excavators) and soil class 7 (hard to fracture, blasting is necessary) for the planning of an efficient use of equipment and the determination of the amount of hard rock to remove.
Seismic refraction surveys with small source and receiver spacings in combination with a tomographic travel time inversion of first breaks will result into a p-wave field and enables the distinction between different soil classes.

For research pursues only this dataset is available upon request. Please contact andreas schuck does-not-exist.ggl-gmbh de.

  • Raw seismic data: SEG-2
  • Geometry, observer logs, coordinates: Excel table


Table with survey parameters


Raw data example


Detail of the velocity field which results from the tomographic travel time inversions