Data analysis code and waveform filters

Field data commonly must be prepared before being suitable for full waveform inversion. Frequency filters must be applied, traces of field data have to be selected, or for 2D inversion, a line-source simulation should be applied prior to waveform inversion. This section contains programs for field data pre-processing, waveform filters and basic analysis tools (travel-time inversion, dispersion analysis) used in the preparation of initial models.
Title Short Description
A suit of programs to derive Fourier-Bessel expansion coefficients from recorded data as well as phase velocities, and spectrograms together with a plotting tool. Resolution analysis is provided also.
Line-source simulation: Transform field data to apparent line-source generated waveforms in preparation for Cartesian 2D full-waveform inversion.
Seismic waveform plots and analysis of refracted wave travel times.
Create and apply a source wavelet correction filter for full-waveform inversion of field data.