soutifu and libstfinv

  • Author:

    Thomas Forbriger


  • Create and apply a source wavelet correction filter for full-waveform inversion of field data.

soutifu and libstfinv

Application of soutifu to microseismic recordings on a homogeneous block (Courtesy of Ilaria Mosca)

Program description


The effective time history of the seismic source used in field recordings is not well known in most cases. This applies in particular to explosive sources and hammer blows. The so-called 'source-time-function' might even vary from shot to shot. For this reason it is not possible to use an appropriate source-time-function in the initial simulation of synthetic data in an approach of full-waveform inversion. However, after synthetic data have been calculated using a generic source-time-function, a correction filter can be constructed such that an improved source-time-function will reduce the misfit to the recorded data.

The software library libstfinv provides several constrained and unconstrained approaches to finding an optimized source-wavelet correction filter. It is flexible and capable of being extended with further approaches in the future. The program soutifu supports application directly to seismic time series data files.


Software library: libstfinv

The library libstfinv provides a C++ API (application programming interface) as well as a C API to the user of the library. A Fortran API is not yet implemented but could be constructed on top of the C API without effort. The library provides several approaches to finding an optimized source wavelet correction filter. Each of the approaches is addressed through the same API, such that programs using the library could immediately benefit from a new approach after its implementation and without need to modify consumer programs. The approaches are encapsulated in so-called 'engines'. See the homepage of libstfinv and the documentation coming with the source code for further details.


Stand-alone binary executable: soutifu

The stand-alone binary executable soutifu, which makes use of this library, can be applied directly to seismic time series data files. It provides access to all engines and supports a variety of data file formats. See the homepage of soutifu for further details. The program is available in the tar-ball tswf for download.



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