Wavefield transformation and dispersion analysis

  • Author:

    Thomas Forbriger


  • A suit of programs to derive Fourier-Bessel expansion coefficients from recorded data as well as phase velocities, and spectrograms together with a plotting tool. Resolution analysis is provided also.

Wavefield transformation and dispersion analysis

Project Description

Several tools support phase-velocity and dispersion analysis:

  • greda: Calculates Fourier-Bessel coefficients or a slant stack for waveform data.
  • phadi: Calculates a single-mode dispersion analysis for waveform data.
  • gabor: Calculates a spectrogram (gabor matrix) for waveform data.
  • grereso: Calculates a resolution analysis for wavefield transforms.
  • grepg: Plots results from the analysis programs.


Forbriger, 2003. Inversion of shallow-seismic wavefields: I. Wavefield transformation. Geophys. J. Int., 153, 719-734