• Author:

    Stefan Mauerberger


  • 3D seismic wave propagation through spherical sections


Project Description

Ses3d-NT is based upon an algorithm and implementation initially developed by Andreas Fichtner. It is the project’s key objective to provide an easy to use but flexible regular grid waveform solver. Combining Ses3d-NT with homogenization theory and current FWI problems may promise high efficiency in terms of computational recurses. It is developed as a consistent advancement of Andreas Fichtner’s deliberately puristic SES3D providing an user friendly and highly flexible object-orientated framework for seismic wave propagation along with imaging capabilities. The whole development process - including documentation - is open to the public and is therefore driven under strict revision control. In addition, Ses3d-NT’s code basis is licensed under the terms of GNU GPL version 3+.

Its main features are:

  • 3D seismic wave propagation in spherical sections from local to continental scales
  • Calculations are carried out in natural spherical coordinates discretized using the spectral element method
  • 3D heterogeneous Earth models covering anisotropy and viscoelastic dissipation
  • Highly flexible, robust and machine-readable configuration-files
  • Computation of sensitivity kernels with respect to model-parameters using the adjoint-method
  • Fully transparent partitioning with semi-automatic parallelization scaling up to thousands of cores
  • Unpartitioned file in- & output writing SAC-traces, netCDF files and RAW binary blobs