• Author:

    Thomas Forbriger


  • Seismic waveform plots and analysis of refracted wave travel times.


Project Description

This program produces waveform plots arranging the traces along an offset axis. Different line styles and colors are supported to visually compare data from different data sets. Arrival times as well as a refracted wave travel-time curves can be picked. The program is able to infer layer velocities for 1D structures where seismic velocity increases with depth. It plots synthetic travel times for 1D models. The program can be used to pick offset dependent waveform taper definitions.


  • interactive as well as non-interactive plotting
  • graphics output through PGPLOT featuring a variety of devices and graphics formats (including Postscript, X11, Tektronix, PNG, GIF, etc)
  • ability to read a variety of input formats including SeismicUn*x and raw ASCII (through libdatrwxx)
  • appearance of plots controlled by many parameters (color, line width, etc)
  • plotting on a velocity reduced time scale
  • comparison of shallow seismic shot data with true amplitudes
  • display of synthetic arrival times of refracted and reflected waves together with waveforms